The single "Hole in the sky" is live!

Published on 21 July 2019 at 13:15

Back in the mid eighties it was already an important environmental subject: the ozone layer. If we do nothing about it, we’re all gonna die. Simple as that. With a mix of Stones and Motown, we sing about the essence of life.


"Hole in the sky" was written in the early 80's. Even in those years you could see and smell the signs of a struggling environment. So why not write a song about it?
Well, maybe it was not done in those days for the music industry to bring such devastating messages. So this song has been ignored for a very long time. Today we bring our music and our message to the world on our own terms. No restrictions. No demands...
"Hole in the sky" is about the human touch in this world. A mix of rock, blues and a little bit of gospel combined with strong words gives you a slight idea where we stand for.

"Hole in the sky" comes from the album Every song has its own story by Wall of Roses.... Check it out !!



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