Just a bunch of working-class heroes with a family and a social life. Nothing odd, no drugs, less alcohol and with a lot of healthy humor.

The Bandguys

Bio of Siebrand van der Wal

Siebrand grew up in a small town just above the city of Groningen. He started playing at the age of 9. Learned to play the organ until he was 11 and he was excused by his parents playing this rather sexy-lacking-instrument.

Got his first 6-string at the age of 14. Played his first band in the 90’s. Heavily influenced by the blues and the grunge. Always ticking, finding the beat to his life. Almost 39, looking 24. Caught in his own head.

Father to 3, loving husband to 1 and no fans. Until now. RSTECPT.

Bio of Gertjan van Klinken

Age: 43

Plays: Guitar & the occasional backing vocal 

First band: Reptile (1997)

First EP: Reptile - Camouflage (1997)

Last Album: Van Klinken - In Vacant Frequencies (2015)

Trivia: Guitar teacher, proud father of 2, allround music lover but in particular a huge SRV fan (the man was simply phenomenal!!), fascinated with life and all its mysteries & ALWAYS in “songwrite mode” ;)

Bio of Des Small

Des grew up in London, studied in Southampton, and worked in Bristol before moving to the Netherlands in 2006.

He took up bass after a badly broken finger ended his career as a bedroom guitarist, and started playing in bands because it's no fun at all being a bedroom bassist.

He met Siebrand and Gertjan at school well into his 40s (he is a famously slow learner).


Bio of Marc Roelaarts 

The second oldest and the 'freshest' musician of Wall of Roses.

Proud father of son Vince and daughter Lizzy.
Plays: drums, guitar, bass guitar & keyboard and does the (backing) vocals.
Is a musical centipede!
His 2 other bands are Allround Coverband Ten Speed and MaJa


Bio of Hans Rozema

Age: pretty older than the others

Plays: Drums  & Leadvocals

First band: Somewhere around 1979

First single recorded: 1983 (Wanted) Spitsbergen studio, Produced by Willem Ennes (he played the organ) and Michiel Hoogenboezem

Formal band: Phantom

Played with a lot of good and nice musicians (i thank them all)

Fucked up my voice too soon. Now I'm sounding like Springsteen or Adams but luckily not like Rod Stewart!!

Can do a nice impression of Joe Cocker or Springsteen :)

Totally fan of the guys above with my voice (and also Rod Stewart!!)