What do you get when an older rocker meets younger ones? Very mixed styles? Naaah.... it stays the same. Experience against energy? Naaaah.... They all have a bit of both. So, what makes it work? Well, just the passion for music and an album filled with beautiful songs. Some pieces that had been stuck in their head for years, but for some reason never came out. Until now.......


You don't create music to never pass the walls of your own house. It was October 2016 when then colleagues Siebrand van der Wal and Hans Rozema forged plans to make music together. Both men are veteran musicians, who've played in bands both on stage and in the studio. Never made their own album however. The one they've always heard in their head. And that's what brought them together. Together they made that one specific album that should have been there all along.



Only the best is good enough for an album 35 years in the making. A band was recruited for the project. Rozema took his seat behind the drum kit, Van der Wal on guitar, and they added some good musicians who complemented the band, Gertjan van Klinken (Guitar and vocals) and Des Small (Bass).

And that's Wall of Roses.

Ready to take Every Song Has Its Own Story further than the walls of 2016 could ever have suspected.

Our Joshua Tree