The next Studio

Band v. Album

Ok, now we have a music album. But we did it the other way around. Normally you have a band and then you try to make an album. Now we have an album but no band yet. Sooo, where is the magic stick of wizardry who conjures this up for us. The famous memorable words of the Blues Brothers were spoken. We have to put the band together again..



Well, parents have to do some very tricky stuff on school these days to make the children happy. So three of the guys played the background music for the musical of the annual last school semester.

The rest is history.....



Sieb does a study Soundengineer/Producer. So now and then he needs a band or musicians to help him to reach his goals.

In that time we rehearsed a lot for the album but we needed a common goal to grow faster. Then he asked us to record a song for his study. The perfect Teambuilding for musicians. So we went to the Spitsbergen Studio and record a song written by Gertjan. After that we knew exactly the musicals preferences or instruments from each other. And.... how fast we could go, because we are all parents and even grandparent with daily jobs. The most important of everything is the fun of making music together.


The mastering

During a recording session we spoke about the mastering of the album. By common interest of how the end result would be, we and the studio decided to give that in the hands of a more experienced Sound-engineer. Bauke van der Laaken.

After a mastering session in November 2018 and in march 2019 the album was ready to go. 

We had, next to the blood, sweat and sometimes tears (music can be very emotional), a lot of fun making this album and we thank our band members Gertjan and Des for their patience and tribute.