The making of...

In the beginning..

They set out energetically. Hans' attick was turned into a music studio. The Newroad studio was founded. Old equipment was dusted off, new kit added, and everything was plugged in. Demos and old material reviewed. New arrangements, new structures and re-recorded, inspired by musical heroes and influences like U2, Bruce Springsteen, Dire Straits, Bryan Adams and Queen but also Foo Fighters and Coldplay. That gave the songs inspiration and colour. But the songs also give the feeling you're going back in time, but recorded with modern equipment.

Almost 20 numbers were recorded that way. Ultimately 12 of them ended up on Every Song Has Its Own Story. The other songs were saved for the next album...


Going to the edge..

Bringing the neighbors to insanity, recording in the evening hours after work, mixing with headphones while the grandchildren were asleep. And spend many, many hours and sometimes even days behind the Mac. 

From the first recording-session to the last master-session it took 2,5 years to get the album ready.