It started 2,5 years ago.  The intention was to make a vinyl record for ourselves. Nothing big. Many recording sessions later it did sound so well that we decided to share it with everyone. We didn't have all the knowledge for mastering so, for the last stage for the album, we called in professional help.

Album notes

Credits and thank you’s

This album was recorded at the Newroad studio in Groningen, the Netherlands

Mastered at Studio Spitsbergen, Zuidbroek, the Netherlands


A special thanks to Obbe van der Wal for the great solos he performed on In The Night, Colors, Karbo (it takes the song to a whole different level!), The One (for me) (you hit that right note) and Dutch Blue.

A big thank to Mr. Pim Feijen for the pleasant photoshoot and the very nice pictures.

Also a big thank you to Ms. Siska Drent and Ms. Jolanda Oest for giving voice to the backing vocals in Love will guide Us Home.


And last but not least, thanks a million to Mr. Bauke van der Laaken (Studio Spitsbergen) for the tech help we needed so much at the end to fulfill and complete this mission. 


We found it at Studio Spitsbergen Zuidbroek, Groningen.  Then it became a rollercoaster.  Check the songs, lyrics, Notes, etc. 

But then it was finally ready and we are very proud to present our Classic (rock)songs to a world, where computer-or electronic music is a common good.