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About the songs:

A lot of the songs we wrote in the eighties and nineties, but have never been published before. Other songs we wrote in the past decade. Sometimes just songs about life or love, but also about protest, war and the environment.  These songs are telling stories. We don’t shy away from any subject. We let the music speak for itself. 

Back on the road

Driving an open convertible on a beautiful road along the coastline. That is the essence of this song. Written in 1985 to express the fun of driving. First recording : 1986  Or maybe a new line-up with the band and touring again....don't know.... long time ago.

3:37    ©  J.Rozema         Lyrics are here

in memory of Jan Hulshof

Hole in the sky

Back in the mid eighties it was already an important environmental subject: the ozone layer. If we do nothing about it, we’re all gonna die. Simple as that. With a mix of Stones and Motown, we sing about the essence of life. first recording: 1985

4:59.   ©  J.Rozema       Lyrics are here

In the night

The night is full of secrets and dangers that you do not see but often hear. The night is not always experienced as pleasant. Blind with your eyes open, you pray that the morning will come soon. Every night ... Add a portion of Halloween and you have "In the night" first recording: 1984

6:13.   ©  J.Rozema.       Lyrics are here


The long struggle between wrong and right, black or white. Apartheid or racism is still going strong in this world. And in a high educated country like the US it is one of the biggest problems. Still there is hope... So in the spirit of John Lennon we wrote this song back in 1988 and recorded only a demo of the first version.

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With the help of classic shifts in dynamics, Karbo links large themes such as fear of being yourself, unspoken truth and fear of missing out to distorted guitars and harmonic melodies.

4:18.   ©  S.van der Wal       Lyrics are here

Dutch blue

A disaster for Dutch politics, a failing UN, secret agreements between countries, no communication or mandate, a poorly equipped army. Who knows... It was one of the worst times in the lives of thousands of people on the Balkan for sure. Serbs and Bosnian suffered from this terrible war. And the Dutch soldiers of Dutchbat too... for many years to come. first recording: 2003

4:53   ©  Music J.Rozema / Lyrics  I.Rozema  † 12-02-2005.       Lyrics are here

Red Darkness

This song was born back in 1989. As a frontline protest-song against the Tiananmen square-massacre. Since then it could be used with any protest against suppression and on any square. The “red” of red darkness is not a link to communism, but to all the blood that has already flowed. First recording: 1990

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Hands of fire

Imagine: you’re a teacher in NYC. You have been shot down, you have been recovered and are eager to flee from the violence. So you apply to a school somewhere else in the country. Then life takes a bitter turn. A song based on all the gun violence. Written in 1983 with a lyric update after the Parkland shooting in Florida.

5:57.   ©. J. Rozema.         Lyrics are here

The One (for me)

A sugar-sweet ballad that won’t give you toothache. An ode to love, written on the piano, performed as a grand gesture. The One (for Me) is a song about that one true person.

4:37  ©  S. van der Wal        Lyrics are here

The Meaning in Life

With classic rock ingredients, The Meaning in Life shows the added value of a steady relationship in your life and the advantage of someone you can build your life upon. That one makes it beautiful!

5:45   ©  S.van der Wal.         Lyrics are here

Through with you

You fall in love, but after a while, people suddenly change. Although it isn’t easy, sometimes it’s better to pull the plug and end the relation as soon as possible. 

5:46.  ©  J. Slagter / J.Rozema.         Lyrics are here

Love Will guide Us home

What happens when you strip life to the core? Which way leads to the end and the beginning? With Love Will Guide Us Home, The Wall of Roses return home. It only starts when it is finished.

4:29.   ©  S.van der Wal.       Lyrics are here

God save Grunn

We’re a proud Dutch band from Groningen City, the Netherlands. We’ve suffered  a long time from earthquakes. Not caused by nature, but by man. For the benefit of the whole country. For all the people in that area, in the spirit of Queen, we play their National Anthem. Bytheway, this song is also celebrating its centenary this year.

Based on Ain Pronkjewail


Lyrics: Geert Teis Pzn,  Music: Gerard Roelof Jager, Arr: Gertjan van Klinken