The Classic Rockband of the Lowlands

Check out our new and very special reggae track!

Special!? Well yes, for several reasons actually.

First of all, we are of course not your typical reggae band as most of our songs are mainly within the classic rock genre. But often, during rehearsals, we find ourselves playing those tunes in #reggaestyle. It’s just very hard to resist! This is why we always felt like we had to do something with these “itches” sooner or later.


A perfect opportunity came along while we were recording the soundtrack for Nean en Buckie which takes place on a futuristic exotic island We all knew this already diverse soundtrack just wouldn’t be complete without some unique reggaevibes so here it is!


Enjoy! Let us know what you think and share the vibes!

Wall of Roses writes, records and produces their own songs. In addition to their own songs, the Live repertoire also consists of covers that have been carefully chosen to preserve the sound and style of the band as well as possible. Here you can find all the music that Wall of Roses has published so far on all well known streaming sites.

The first album

The first album, "Every song has its own story", is a mix of styles because the band was still trying to figure out which way they wanted to go. We have therefore been able to reach a very wide audience. The messages in the songs were often not tender, but we stood for what we sang and still do. You can also hear the learning process to record and produce. Enjoy the first album (again) here

The second album

Nean's last song

Is the title song of the soundtrack from the novel sequence :

" The adventures of Nean and Buckie" 

With this song, like " Chase the ones ahead", the band is stepping  out of its comfort zone. Not just the regular set to make music, but also strings and a lot of percussion. A mix of Rock, Blues,Soul ánd classical music.

With that in mind , the band is publishing also a book, a children's book !! Encouraged by our children and grandchildren Wall of Roses is walking on thin ice. Why? Because it is fun and we can do it. The kids also sing along in the song !! It is planned that the children's book "Nean and Buckie, the secret of the hollow stone" will be published in December 2021. For now a Dutch edition, but it is also planned that this book will be translated into English in the coming year. 

keep an eye on it... :)

Chase the ones ahead

The first real single from the new album. A song with a very special clip. Like "The One" on the first album, the band experimented with more instruments here. Because the concept looked suspiciously like an ELO production, we continued with this, resulting in a beautiful song. In addition, a video clip had to be made that matched the song. We found this with an artist in Bangladesh. He did a good job.


This song is especially for all children and young people. Don't follow the influencers, idols or famous people too much. Their life is not always what it seems. Go your own way in life. Make your dream come true..

The song also pays tribute to one of the great composers, producers and musicians of the modern age:
Jeff Lynne and his Electric Light Orchestra.